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As the wind blows

In 1992, 3D Animation was driving force behind every project. Today, over 20 years later, 3D Animation remains a foundation for our company, and while we've created many multimedia videos, we believe in 3D as the core of what we do. 3D has changed tremendously since 1992 and so have we. From software to systems, we remain current in today's technology, embracing VR, Augmented Reality, and other emerging technologies.

3D animation is comprised of 3D modeling, motion, movement, and sometimes still imagery - but all computer generated. You've seen 3D animation with every new animated film that hits the theaters, but our work is different. While we have done our share of character animation for various clients, our focus is more on medical animation, industrial animation, product visualization and technology. What we can do with 3D animation is take the viewer somewhere a simple drawing or Power Point presentation can't - such as through the human body. Perhaps your company has a new drug with a breakthrough forumla - but you need to explain it down to the molecular level.... 3D animation and Stratford Avenue can do that for you. 

Another aspect of 3D animation is to show how certain machinery works. Often, creating a video of a satellite or oil rig is nearly impossible - so 3D animation is used to rebuild, and communicate the message.
Perhaps you're in need of images for a product brochure and it has to get to the print lab asap. But your product is not yet manufactured! What do you do!? With a combination of photography and 3D modeling and rendering - we can create that image for you.

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